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"Our values are the basis of our management principles!"



At Controlmatik, integrity is a key component of all our activities. We believe that integrity means maintaining honest and transparent relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers, representatives, and also with our competitors.



We are passionate about our mission to provide clean water throughout the world. We also believe in maintaining a positive attitude towards the challenges we encounter and being tenacious in finding solutions.



We believe that in order to have successful relationships with our employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers, respect must be incorporated into everything we do. Only by treating each other with respect can we nurture success and grow, both as a company and as individuals.



We believe that cooperation amongst employees allows us to pool our collective intelligence to overcome even the greatest of challenges. We also believe in establishing partnerships with dealers, suppliers, and customers who allow us to collaborate to raise us all to success.



Family is as important as the core business itself. Controlmatik is a family company, where family means two things: First, we recognize that all employees deserve ample opportunity to spend time with their families. Second, Controlmatik is a family. We also consider our dealers, suppliers, and customers to be part of our extended family and we support them in every way we can.



Our product is a service to our environment and to the community. We are constantly working to support our representatives and our clients by providing a reliable service and assistance. We also understand the importance of continuing education and advancing the field of water treatment with innovation and technology. We take every opportunity to teach our peers in the water treatment community about the importance of treating water in a sustainable manner.


Mutual Fair Benefit

The relationship we establish with each client and each employee is a financial one. Mutual fair benefit means fairness to employees on compensation, fairness to clients on pricing, and fairness to Controlmatik on profitability. It also means establishing a bond of loyalty and trust between our organization and our clients and constantly cooperating to meet each other's needs. However, if ever a point arrives where we may no longer meet each other's needs, we believe that the relationship should end amicably.