Neutralisation system M 6100 C

  • Neutralises chlorine gas in case of uncontrolled gas leakage
  • 99,96% Neutralization process is achieved inside suction ejector 
  • Provides safety in chlorine storage area
  • Automatic operation


Gaseous chlorine neutralisation system is designed to protect gaseous chlorine storage areas, devices for gaseous chlorine dosing and people. The most common cause of uncontrolled chlorine leakage are negligence, inadequate handling or a fault on the pressure part of chlorine installation, i.e. on the elements between the chlorine cylinder and the vacuum regulator (bad or worn-out seals, a damaged gas cylinder valve etc.)



The chlorine neutralization device is activated manually or automatically by chlorine gas leak detector – with probe which detects the presence of gaseous chlorine in the room. The pump is activated in order to pump the neutralization solution through the ejector, creating vacuum, and thus sucks chlorine from the storage room directly into the solution which neutralises it. The mixture of the chlorine atmosphere and the solution provokes a chemical reaction that completely neutralise the chlorine. The clean air is sent back to the atmosphere through the air hole of the neutralization device. 


Neutralisation device main parts:

a) Neutralization solution tank

b) Special high resistant pump for ejector activation and mixing of neutralization solution. The pump is resistant to aggressive liquids and temperature media up to 60oC .

c) Special vacuum ejector for contaminated air suction (capacity = 150 m3/h)

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Model Capacity Power Suction capacity Reservoir volume
  kg/h kW m3/h l/min
M 6100 C/50 50 2,2 150 900
M 6100 C/100 100 2,2 150 1800
M 6100 C/200 200 2,2 300 3600
M 6100 C/300 300 2,2 300 5400
M 6100 C/400 400 2x 2,2 600 7200
M 6100 C/500 500 2x 2,2 600 9000