Chlorine gas detection sensor M 2103 C

  • No chemical additives necessary
  • Signal proportional to gas concentration
  • Minimal maintenance costs


The M 2103 C series Controlmatik ABW chlorine gas detection sensor  is designed to detect and indicate chlorine concentrations in the air and to provide safety in storage areas and in places where the gaseous chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite are dosed.

The sensor is mounted in an IP 65 housing and is connected via connector to the amplifying electronics, which is mounted on the same housing.

The sensor is connected to the unit with two-wire current loop signal and operates on the basis of chemical cell and a diffuse capillary blockade. The hydrochloric acid concentrate in the chemical cell is regenerated during the chemical reaction and a free oxygen is released; the quantity of the released oxygen defines the signal at the output. 

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Measuring unit: PPM    

* 1 PPM Cl2 = 3,214 mgCl2/m3

Temperature range: from - 20 to + 50ºC

Resolution at 20ºC: 0,1 PPM 

Repeatability: 2%

Measuring range: 0-10 PPM or 0 - 20 PPM

Pressure operating range: from 90 to 1100 mBar

Relative moisture operating range - permanently: 15-90%

Response time: = 1min

Recovery time: = 3min

Product lifetime (without shock concentrations): 2 years

Current output: 4 - 20 mA

Supply voltage: 9 - 26 VDC

Protection: IP 65

Dimensions: 98 x 197 x 50 mm

Weight: 0.5 kg