pH probe with controller M 1122

Measuring range: 0,00 -14,00 pH

  • Online pH measurement
  • PI regulation option
  • Communication output (SELECAN) or galvanically separated current output
  • IP 6


    pH measurement is used in chemical industry, in swimming-pools, potable and waste water treatment and also in different kinds of industrial measurements. Controlmatik probe M 1122 is designed for continuous measurement of pH in swimming-pools, potable, waste and industrial waters. With special versions of measuring electrodes it can also be used for measurement of other media.
    The unit consists of :
    - pH measuring electrode
    - Controller with graphic display

    Electronics evaluates and amplifies the measured potential. PI regulator that independently controls a certain process, can be build in a probe. The probe can be equipped with manual or automatic temperature compensation (depends on customer request) and with galvanic separated 4–20 mA signal on the amplifiers output. User can easily communicate with a probe over graphic display and four function keys. The probe guarantees accurate and continuous measurement.

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    General data:

    Ambient temperature: -10...+50ºC

    Relative humidity: 10...95 % non-condensating

    Control unit protection: IP 65

    Dimensions: 98 x 64 x 38

    Weight: 0,2 kg


    pH measurement

    Max. Measuring range (MR): from 0,00 to +14,00 pH

    Measured value resolution: 0,01 pH

    Deviation of indication, measured value: maximum 0,5% of M.R.

    Zero point shift range: from 0,00 to +14,00 pH

    Automatic temperature compensation range: 0...+100ºC

    pH input signal:

    - Input resistance at nominal operating conditions > 1000 MOhm

    - Current input at nominal operating conditions  <  1 pA


    Electrical data:

    Power supply: 9 - 36 VDC,12 - 24 VAC±10%

    Power: 2 W 


    Current output connector:

    Modules: 2 (galvanic separated)

    Isolation voltage: 500V

    Current range: 4...20 mA

    Power supply: 9...26 VDC

    Output range: adjustable to (MR)

    Output Mode options:
    - pH signal output
    - Temperature
    - Regulator output

    Regulator connector:

    Regulator 3 point switch or PI regulator

    Outputs: 3 x 24 VAC / 250 mA

    Inputs: 3 x 24 VAC

    Mode options:
    - Motor Control
    - Pump Control