Differential pressure regulator DP 20, DP 40, DP 50

Differential pressure regulators are designed to stabilize vacuum in gas chlorine installations.


Differential pressure regulators are designed to stabilize vacuum. They are used  in gas chlorine installations , with minor alterations they can also be used for other gases. They are made of the best and most resistant materials. The springs are made of tantalum alloys, housing from special ABS plastic  or rigid massive PVC, the diaphragms, O-rings, gaskets and washers are made of quality materials  like ECTFE foil, FPM/FKM, PTFE, EPDM, which all ensures faultless operation of these devices at high mechanical and temperature load.


The return pressure acts upon the underside of the diaphragm.

The diaphragm along with the spring act together to react to system changes and to keep this constant pressure (vacuum) loss.

So as the system pressure (vacuum) rises, the diaphragm moves the valve cone down, to keep a controlled circuit pressure.

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Dosing range DP 20:  

up to 4 kg/h

up to 10 kg/h

Dosing range DP 40:

up to 20 kg/h

up to 40 kg/h

Dosing range DP 50:

up to 80 kg/h

up to 120 kg/h

up to 200 kg/h

Gas types :


Vacuum (up to 15m):

2 kg/h – d8/d10 - 3/8''
4 kg/h – d8/d10 - 3/8''
10 kg/h – d12/d16 - 5/8''
15 kg/h – d20 - 3/4''
20 kg/h – d20 – 3/4"
40 kg/h – d25 – 1"
60kg/h – d50—2''
80 kg/h – d50—2''
120 kg/h – d50—2"
160 kg/h – d50—2''
200 kg/h – d50 – 2"
For larger vacuum lines, see table: Chlorine vacuum line size requirements