Chlorinaton system MR 20 RC (capacity up to 15 kg/h)

The MR 20 RC System consists of :

  • M 20 C vacuum regulator
  • M 300 C ejector 
  • M 200 C rotameter


The MR 20 RC Chlorinaton System is designed for dosing gas chlorine and with minor alterations also for other gases, working on the indirect vacuum principle.


The MR 20 RC System consists of:

  • M 20 C vacuum regulator
  • M 300 C ejector 
  • M 200 C gas flowmeter

Dosing can be set manually on the rate valve of the regulator. It starts or stops when the ejector pump switches on or off.


Multipoint chlorination system

The MR 20 RC System can be extended by additional gas flowmeters, which have to be installed parallel to the existing one. This way the system can be extended to several dosing points, but in this case suitable ejector must be added to it. When adding gas flowmeters to the system, it is important not to exceed the capacity of the regulator.

Semiautomatic dosing system

Where there are several pumps in the water-supply system with known capacities, each pump can be extended by an ejector and a gas flowmeter, and connected parallel to the regulator. Dosing can be blocked through electromagnetic valve. Activation of the electromagnetic valve depends on the known flow changes.

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Capacity: from 12 g/h up to 15 kg/h

Within 4% of flow

Gas Types:

Operating range:
 20 : 1

Vacuum (up to 15m):
2 kg/h – d8/d10 - 3/8''
4 kg/h – d8/d10 - 3/8''
10 kg/h – d12/d16 - 5/8''
15 kg/h – d20 - 3/4''
For larger vacuum lines, see table: Chlorine vacuum line size requirements

Connection to the cylinder:
1” (complies with DIN  477)

1.030” (CGA)
5/8”  (BSP)

Ejector connection:
See product info for ejectors M 300 C.