Expansion Chamber M 3470 C

Protects liquid chlorine lines from bursting due to overpressure.

Expansion systems consists of a bursting disc expansion tank and pressure switch. 

The function of an expansion chamber is to protect liquid chlorine lines from bursting due to overpressure. By rupturing a bursting disc at predetermined pressure, the liquid chlorine is allowed to expand into the expansion tank, and thus lowering the pressure in liquid chlorine pressure lines. Every section of liquid chlorine pipeline that could be sealed between two valves, must be fitted with an expansion system. 

Bursting disc is a silver disc that is installed in special disc holder in the liquid chlorine pipeline. When the rupture pressure has been reached, the silver disc bursts at the designated pressure, thereby relieving the pressure in the pipeline. Bursting discs provide highly reliable protection against overpressure because they don't have any moving parts, which may jam due to contamination. The built-in pressure switch on the expansion chamber, provides remote signalling of a failure. Any chlorine that is released is collected in an expansion tank. 

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Expansion chamber capacity: 3l

Connections: DN15 (1/2”); DN20 (3/4”)

Line protected: DN15 — 50 m; DN20 — 30m 

Bursting pressure:
- nominal 11 bar
- min. 9,8 bar
- max. 12,8 bar