Chlorine gas line filter M 3915 C

No-Leak, No-Crush Screen Chambers are assured by precise machining of both ends of the chamber to provide perfectly round and smooth seating surfaces as well as fixed chamber length. The screen seats snugly on the machined surface so no particle larger than the screen opening can escape around the end of the screen.

Easy-In, Easy-Out Screwed Screen Retainers have straight threads. Less torque is required to obtain a tight seal with proper gasket compression. Less torque is required to remove the retainer. The danger of “freezing in” is considerably less than with hard-to-break tapered pipe threads. 

Off-Centre Blow down Connections for 2 1/2'' and 3'' size strainers. The off-centre drain permits nearly complete removal of dirt when blowing down the strainer.

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Standard size:     
A = 3/4” NPT ; B =  1” NPT
(Other sizes on request!)

Materials: Body — ASTM A48 CL.  30

Screen: Monel mesh 40 x 40

Gasket: PTFE

Retainer: ASTM A108 GR 1215

Weight: 1,4 kg (2 kg)

Pressure: max. 27,6 bar at 65°C