Diaphragm metering pump with pre-delivery ELADOS EMP-KKS

Dosing capacity 0,2-1,4 l/h

  • High metering precision even with degassing products
  • Smallest possible metered quantity
  • High level of reproducibility
  • Self-venting

    All metering pumps of the series ELADOS EMP- KKS operate on the piston-diaphragm principle. The diaphragm serves to feed the product whereas the piston handles the metering. Because of the continuous surplus return this metering pump operates self-venting. Therefore, the pump is appropriate for the conveying of degassing products. The cylindrical piston system without seal is made of ceramic material and offers maximum resistance to chemicals. Different electronic control variants allow the pump to be adapted to any process for quantity or proportional metering. The reasonable choice of accessories completes the extent of supply and represents a complete program for the metering application.


    E 10

    On / off switch 

    Mechanical stroke adjustment

    E 60

    Mechanical stroke adjustment

    Back-lit graphic display, 4 operating keys

    Single stroke control (each stroke is completely executed)

    Metering monitoring via stroke-signal output or via external metering-monitoring system(e.g. liquid level switch) possible

    Registration of operating and consumption data (calculative)

    Calibration function

    Selectable operating modes:

    Internal mode

    Selection of metering rate/metering frequency via:



    •Liter/h (or gallon/h)

    External mode

    Pulse mode (actuation via pulses)

    - Pulse multiplication (one incoming pulse = n metering strokes)

    - Pulse division (n incoming pulses = 1 metering stroke)

    Standard signal mode (actuation via external standard signal 

    (0/4-20mA or 20-0/4mA)

    Charge mode (a previously selected quantity is metered, with initiation via an external initiation pulse)


    Level monitoring, package vessel (reserve and empty signal)


    Standard signal



    Level monitoring package vessel

    Stroke signal



    E 60PLUS 

    as E 60, but additional with dongle box (add-on unit for consumption data acquisition)

    Display of real metering quantity/time and automatic readjustment of pump output (only in combination with external flow monitoring system, e.g. oval gear meter)

    Automatic calibration function via oval gear meter

    Consumption data control by means of oval gear meter

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    diaphragm metering pump


    Housing: thermoplastic polyester

    Pump head: PVDF
    optional: polypropylene or stainless steel 1.4436

    Diaphragm: PTFE – EPDM compound diaphragm

    Seals: FPM 602 (Viton B)
    optional: EPDM or Kalrez

    Valve balls: ceramic
    optional: PTFE or stainless steel 1.4401

    Valve springs: Hastelloy C22 PTFE coated

    Colour: blue RAL 5007

                                                       0,2 l/h        0,5 l/h       0,5–1,4 l/h

    Suction connection (int.Ø/ext.Ø): 6/10 mm    6/10 mm    6/10 mm

    Return connection (int.Ø/ext.Ø):  6/10 mm    6/10 mm    6/10 mm

    Pressure connection (int.Ø/ext.Ø): 2/4 mm     2/4 mm      4/6 mm