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Case study 2

Disinfection, measurement & control mobile dosing unit

Disinfection, measurement & control mobile dosing unit

We design and manufacture customized water disinfection mobile units and dosing stations, that are mostly applied in:

  • Industrial plants with no possibility of installation in the existing facility
  • Natural disasters, where quick response for water disinfection is essential to prevent any spread of contaminated water
  • Remote areas with no access to electrial power

Disinfection, measurement & control mobile dosing unit


The client from the food industry needed an independent unit for water disinfection due to lack of room in the existing facility.

Water disinfection dosing unit


Design a mobile, independent dosing unit for water disinfection, that includes:

  • System design
  • Disinfection of industrial water
  • Dosing, control and measuring of chemicals
  • System assembly


A mobile container unit for water disinfection.

The System includes:

  • tant liquid generator
  • Chemical tanks
  • Dosing pumps
  • Transport pumps
  • Measuring units
  • Control unit
  • Filters

Costumer provided his own disinfectant liquid generator. All other positions of the system were provided by Controlmatik ABW.

Water disinfection dosing unit

After the right metering and transport pumps were selected, we designed the chemical tank. All selected equipment was then virtually placed in the container.

Analyzer panel

The pumps, filters and analyzers were mounted on a special, pre-ordered panel.

Dosing tank for disinfection

Dosing pumps were mounted on a scpecial, pre ordered dosing tank for disinfection of chemicals.

Pulsation dampaner panel

When dosing tank was placed in the container, pulsation dampaners panel was installed above dosing pumps.