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Calculate required capacity of gas Chlorinator

How to calculate the Gas Clorinator capacity for your water treatment application


l/s x 3,6 x ppm (mg/l) = X g/h

This formula calculates a required dosing capacity of chlorinator in grams of chlorine per hour ( g/h), given the liters per second (l/s) solution flow and the miligrams per liter (g/h) of desired residual chlorine concentration in treated water.


For example, to calculate the g/h of chlorine feed required to treat 100 liters-per-second to a final desired residual chlorine concentration of 1 PPM:
100 l/s * 3,6 * 1 = 360 g/h

In this case a 500 g/h Controlmatik ABW Model M 20 C / 5 would be the minimum sized chlorinator to be used for this water treatment application.